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My TEDxErasmusUniversity talk is live!

Yes, the day is finally here! My first TEDx talk ever (and may there be many more to come!) Is now up on Youtube! Through my poetry I am sharing experiences and ideas about being the mother of a girl with Up Syndrome♡ Please let me know your thoughts and thank you so much for watching and listening! Love, Houda

The Tree of Life

All of a sudden it hit me. While looking up at the sky. Seeing the white clouds against the bright blue sky. I just knew that part of something so much bigger.

See if that leaf falls off the tree, the tree will remain upright. That however does not mean that that specific leaf is not important to the tree. It is not insignificant. Because that leaf is part of the soul purpose of the tree. It is there to add more oxygen to the environment. It is there for cleaner air. It is there for a purpose, though it may not look like it on the surface. Just because the leaf takes up only a tiny part of the tree, it does not mean it is insignificant.

You are not insignificant.
And if you ever feel like you are...
Just take a good look at the trees all around us.
And remember.
You are part of a bigger picture.
You. Matter.


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