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My TEDxErasmusUniversity talk is live!

Yes, the day is finally here! My first TEDx talk ever (and may there be many more to come!) Is now up on Youtube! Through my poetry I am sharing experiences and ideas about being the mother of a girl with Up Syndrome♡ Please let me know your thoughts and thank you so much for watching and listening! Love, Houda

Unconditional love

I have been thinking about this for a long time..
When is love really unconditional? I used to think that when you meet someone and you fall in love and get married, that love would be unconditional. But I realized over time that it meant having more conditions and wishes and desires that I expected to be met and fulfilled. Doesn't sound like unconditional love, right?

And then came our daughter. Luna Maryam. The one person that, no matter what she does, I will love and treasure her always. So...that made me rethink how I love my husband and if that is at all fair. Let me put it this way; I still have a lot to learn about love. And that is okay. It's all about the journey and being able to reflect right?

Tell me; what does unconditional love mean to you?
Would love to know♡


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