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Performing at TEDxAmsterdamWomen

Hi and welcome back to my blog!
So, the past year has been an intense and amazing year, with hits, misses, ups and downs.
But two of the many ups have been speaking at TEDxErasmusUniversity (9 October 2019) and at TEDxAmsterdamWomen (9 December 2019). Unfortunately the video of TEDxErasmusUniversity is not up yet, none of the video's are, due to technical difficulties. But the video of TEDxAmsterdamWomen is!

I am also starting something that I have been working towards for a long time in 2020 regarding public speaking! But more about that in a separate blog. For now I want to share my talk/Spoken Word Poetry. Really hope you enjoy, so show me some love in the comment section.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll talk to you soon!

P.S. If you'd like to follow my journey, head over to my instagram and connect with me!

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'If you see Luna and me out and about in the streets and you would like to speak, please feel free. Just don't talk down to us. …

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